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The Kimari Team

Kimari can assemble a team to collaborate on projects. From artists, administrators and language experts to technical experts on security, databases, and programming, they are professionals with whom we've worked before and shared connections.

Through the Work World

I started my tech career at Sun Microsystems, a hardware / networking company outside of Silicon Valley, where I was a content developer on the reseller web site. Most of what I worked on in those days was leveraging the Sun OS Solaris to create tools and processes for producing HTML pages and images for our sites. It was before any off-the-shelf tools existed. There was also some browser-based dabbling with the and competitor web sites and also some shell script writing.

I followed that with a stint at Force Computers as Webmaster. My previous overseas studies in Japan had left me with a keen interest in international business, which I next followed up in a role as International Web Site Engineer at Netscape (Mountain View headquarters). A couple of smaller engagements followed: the Netsanity (Soltima) company, a start-up looking into the mobile web application space, and InfoTrain K.K., an online education venture which brought me back to Japan for an extended period.

This has led to a much longer stint with Overture, in a key technical role working with Asia-Pacific region partners and business development. The role evolved into a management position of the region's technical support engineers.

Quality, Process, Requirements

In order to ensure the best quality and process today, it's very key to understand requirements for as far into the future as can be estimated. End quality of the resulting product or feature is directly related to quality built into the work process. Future considerations are significant in today's design and process decisions.

Agile Methods

Agile Methodologies, including Extreme Programming, Kanban, and Scrum, have demonstrated high effectiveness in many software development settings. Kimari is going further than that, not only adopting some of these methods, but pioneering new applications for them.

Experience and knowledge

Many projects in the Internet space are totally unique and require a fresh look at the landscape. In these types of cases, attempting to charge ahead with your important project with limited knowledge risks money, credibility, and perhaps more importantly, time.

The preferred approach here is to form a partnership with clients. To learn about your goals and objectives, your resources and constraints, your context. Then to apply our considerable understanding of the Internet, the Asia-Pacific region, and internationalization to your project. Reach out through the contact info page when you're ready.


To help our customers succeed in international technology projects and decisions. We retain focus on the long-term view and believe that if you succeed, we succeed.