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Creating and Managing Internet Technologies -- in Japan and Asia

Kimari Tech Works helps clients create and manage Internet technologies. Strategy, marketing, and a combination of project management and software development are the main points of focus.

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Document release: [Agile Technical Support] multilingual presentation app, based on the recent White Paper research.

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With technology and international business experience since 1991 and Internet experience since 1995, I have been present through the various phases of Internet evolution, and have a good historical perspective of what works (and what doesn't). Especially in Japan and Asia, where markets each have their own characteristics.

As detailed on the success story pages (see tags to the right), my specialties include internationalization (i18n), project management, and integrated architectures (Web services, web applications, web sites, and data stores for Japanese and multinational projects).

In the 2014 White Paper Agile Technical Support, I introduce new practices to improve the technical support function in a software development organization. This paper has three goals:

  • Demonstrate how Agile fundamentals can be used in a support team, even in the absence of any full methodology (Scrum, kanban, XP...)
  • Outline the Support Ticket Life Cycle, a useful framework for thinking about how to apply Agile practices
  • Provide best practice recommendations on transforming a technical support function

I include practical analyses of Little's Law, context switching, and effects they can have on technical support in an organization. I give many best practices, such as work visualization, and also dangers to watch for such as "greedy multitasking."


  • maintain a long term view
  • things change - be agile
  • think big - be ready to scale
  • be prepared - keep backups
  • keep requirements of the end user in mind
  • enthusiasm needs no translation


To help our customers succeed in international technology projects and decisions. We retain focus on the long-term view and believe that if you succeed, we succeed.